End-to-End Automated
Machine Learning

No-Code Data Science - Delivered

AnyML allows anyone to harness the power of Data Science, gain insights, and make predictions based on their own real-life data.

We’ve Leveled The Playing Field


Our unique no-code AI technology has enabled organizations and individuals alike to utilize their data to drive unparalleled innovation. What was once only available to large organizations with dedicated Data Science teams and budgets, can now be accessed through our drag and drop interface by anyone – from the highly technical Data Scientist, to the non-technical managers and executives.

We have taken AutoML a step further through our rigorous data cleaning process and algorithm optimization designed to increase performance, from the simplest of questions, to the most complex problems. We deploy best-in-class, high performance models designed to improve your competitive edge, and drive real, practical, innovative results.


Upload Data into Platform

Drag & Drop a CSV file, browse and upload from your computer, or connect to an outside database

Select the Target Feature

Select the data column or variable that you want the model to predict

Read, Clean & Split Data

AnyML detects the number of rows and columns in the data, any missing values and outliers, and splits the data for training, validation, and testing

Select, Optimize & Train Models

AnyML automatically matches the best algorithm for the selected data, and hyperparameter tuning is used to train the model on the data and find the optimal settings

View Optimized Model Insights

Understand your model through state of the art Data Visualization practices and key performance metrics

Deploy the Best Model

Customize your model deployment so you only see the information you need, or take advantage of AnyML’s powerful API to integrate your model into existing systems

Monitor & Maintain Best Model

Real time monitoring allows us to test new models as they’re added, ensuring you always have the best fit model for your data


Drag & Drop Operation

Drag & Drop Operation

Optimized Hyperparameter Tuning

Optimized Hyperparameter Tuning

Selection from Multiple Algorithms & Algorithm Categories

Selection from Multiple Algorithms & Algorithm Categories

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Maintenance of Data Models

Automatic Evaluation of Newly Available Models

Auto Data Drift Correction

Data Source Integration

Simple Deployment

API Support

Popular Use Cases


AnyML can be used to solve nearly any business problem. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the platform:

Next Best Offer

Identify the right product or service to offer to existing customers based on past purchasing behavior

Fraud Detection

Use past behavior and trends to detect, flag, and block fraudulent transactions and claims


Automatically analyze customer demographic, geographic and behavioral data to identify the most valuable segments

Customer Churn

Analyze historical customer patterns to predict defection, and offer loyalty incentives to retain at-risk customers

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