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Digital marketing expert Marcus Sheridan once said, “Content is the best sales tool in the world.”

We see it more like this: content is a fantastic sales tool*box*, and GPT 3 is the latest, most efficient screwdriver on the market. We’ve already seen the magic of AI in marketing, but GPT 3 focuses specifically on content creation.

Maybe you’ve heard a little about GPT 3 but can’t wrap your head around it. Today, we will tell you a little more about the deep learning tool taking the world by storm and how it makes your content creation goals more attainable than ever.

For starters:

What is GPT 3?

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer (generation 3). It’s a machine-learning model that spurts out refined copy with nothing more than a bit of internet data and short input text.

So what? We’ve seen AI create copy before. Hello, Natural Language Processing (NLP).

But the keyword here is refined. Seriously, we couldn’t tell the difference between GPT-3 copy and the regular newsletters in our inbox.

Remember Elon Musk’s AI baby OpenAI? They’ve come out with countless AI solutions to make life and business easier.

Well, content is a massive part of businesses.

That’s why they released the GPT series. You might even remember the company’s 2019 GPT 2 release — GPT 3’s predecessor language generator that translated text and summarized content quite successfully. The only caveat? You couldn’t work with GPT 2 for long-form text — it started to feel wonky and repetitive.

GPT 3 improves GPT 2’s shortcomings tenfold. The model has a whopping 175 billion machine learning parameters, which puts Microsoft’s 10-billion-parameter NLG model to shame.

The result? Seamless copy you can use for any type of content creation. More on that shortly.

Now, how does GPT 3 make content creation easier?

Speeds up the Process

All quality content goes through layers of approval. You have a writer that produces a first draft, either with their own research or with someone else’s prior research if the budget allows for it.

Then, an editor reviews the piece to ensure sound grammar and accurate data. After that, a senior staff member might look over the copy to ensure it aligns with brand values.

Even GPT 3 can’t replace the work of 3-4+ humans. But it can save a writer a lot of time in writing, the first phase of content creation.

Works with Creative Expression

Most NLP tools produce basic text and translations. There’s little room for art, poetry, or creative expression in an AI-generated product. But GPT 3 changes that. The network isn’t just used for informative research content or web copy.

Game developers are now using GPT 3 to generate chat dialogue, graphics, and images for video games. What’s more, content marketers can take GPT 3 with them on the latest content trends, like memes!

We’ve even seen the tool create poetry.

Our take is that you’ll still need a human element to any AI-generated content, especially in the editing process.

But GPT 3 certainly ups the ante with its creative capabilities!

Creates Fresh, Unique Content

GPT 3 learns from previous writing samples and examples to generate new content. But might that result in repetition (like GPT 2)? Not quite. This language tool applies its lessons to new situations.

It can even switch up your voice and tone to match the interests of new audiences.

Of course, you should still run an edit to ensure there’s no repetition or plagiarism.

Downsides of GPT 3

A word of caution to the tech-focused content writer:

GPT 3 and other AI text tools have been known to generate racist and sexist content. Why? Because that’s unfortunately present in many of its studied datasets. One example is a GPT 3-generated play that casts a Middle Eastern actor as a terrorist.

There’s always more work to be done. But GPT 3 is a fantastic innovation that I predict will iron out its flaws and keep getting better.

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