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Can you think of anything more ever-present than marketing? Love it or hate it, you need it for pretty much any business — including machine learning. Lately, an unlikely(yet expected) relationship has begun to form, bringing more revenue and customer loyalty to businesses in every field: artificial intelligence and marketing.

AI in marketing is taking over, and marketers that don’t embrace it will succumb to their competitors. But what does artificial intelligence marketing look like today, and how can we use it to our benefit?

Today we’ll walk you through the basics of AI in marketing and describe three ways it helps you market your business.

Let’s start with the basics:

AI in Marketing: An Overview

Everyone knows the job of every marketer is to:

– Catch customers’ attention
– Build their trust in the brand
– Persuade them to purchase and strategize long-term profits

The best way to do that is to understand your customers.

That’s why so many businesses invest thousands in market research, conduct AB testing, and constantly seek customer feedback on their products and services.

Find out what your customers love, hate, value, and appreciate in a business. Then you’ll be better prepared to sell to them.

Now, given the immense data analysis and personalization that comes with the field of marketing, I can’t think of a better complement to the practice than artificial intelligence.

How do you find out what your customers need the most? Ask them with a chatbot as soon as they land on your website.

What’s the best way to target potential leads likely to purchase your product? Use AI to analyze purchase history and buying intent before sending out ads.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

3 Ways to Optimize AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence has the potential to save costs and deepen customer insights for any marketing team using automation, analysis, and machine learning.

1. Automation

Ask any marketer about work, and the venting will begin. Lead generation, email marketing, customer follow-ups, content creation, online traffic analysis, sales reports, and marketing briefs — they work in an ever-moving field. Still, they have their work cut out for them.

But what if they could automate even one or two of the above tasks? One marketing VP describes how she automated email generation with AI. All she had to do was give the AI context and review the email — bam. Time saved, conversion achieved.

Now, imagine transferring this convenience to customers themselves. AI automation helps businesses create personalized customer experience flows, like push notifications triggered by customer website actions like abandoning a cart or installing an app.

2. Data Analysis

Marketers spend hours, days, and weeks learning about their audiences and customers. That same marketing VP describes how AI in marketing helps you sift through pages of data to identify key insights. Insights that she wouldn’t be able to see so quickly on her own. Data analysis is a vital component of any marketing strategy, and AI is essential to efficiently harness it!

3. Personalization

Data analysis isn’t all AI offers– machine learning technology can use those data-driven insights to personalize content for your customers. For example, behavioral personalization helps provide customers with what they want and improve conversion rates.

Think of Amazon’s customer recommendations or BMW’s personal customer online assistant.

AI can even personalize customer emails — they analyze customer tones of voice with natural language processing and use the insights to inform your response. The result? Heightened click rates and customer loyalty!

But is AI in marketing sustainable for marketers themselves? What happens when a marketer fears AI could replace their hard work?

Can AI Replace Human Marketing?

Many marketers are excited about AI in marketing — it means more efficiency, better profits, and less stress! The truth is, that AI can never replace the strategic input and personal touch that marketers infuse into their work. That’s why you should still review AI-generated products and regularly track progress to maintain alignment with business goals.

Level Up Your Marketing Campaign With AI!

Automation, data analysis, and personalization are three incredible ways AI in marketing helps you streamline your business and reach customers.

Ready to enhance your marketing with AI? Book a free demo and watch the magic happen!