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Get the Most out of AnyML

We want you to be completely satisfied with AnyML. We are always here to help with any issues or comlications you are experiencing.

What is AnyML?

AnyML allows all organizations to unlock the potential of their data. We have simplified and fully automated the Machine Learning process from data cleaning, algorithm selection & optimization, hyperparameter tuning, model deployment and maintenance, allowing you unlock the untapped power within your data. AnyML is your resident Data Scientist. We have set out to provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for all. Any-where, Any-time, Any-skill level. AnyML.

When should a company apply machine learning techniques?

Whenever they need accurate predictions from a system that learns as you add data. If you need to gain insight into your company’s performance and make better decisions.

How do I login?

Please, contact us
Or click through this form here
We will send you instructions via email.

How do I upload data?

Drag and drop or click on the browse button to search your computer files.

What types of data can I upload?

CSV files, but more coming later!

How much data should I have to make good predictions?

The more data you have, the more accurate your results will be, but you’re limited to a certain amount depending on your current subscription.

What is advanced mode?

Advanced Mode allows you to control the aspects of the environment and machine learning algorithms to a finer degree. This feature is intended for use by professional Data Scientists.

What is hyperparameter tuning?

Hyperparameter tuning is the process of finding optimal values for hyperparameters of a machine learning algorithm to boost model performance

What is an AnyML score?

When evaluating model performance, you can’t just look at a single metric to determine its efficacy. The AnyML score combines multiple performance metrics into a single number to make it easier for a user to asses model performance.

How do I make predictions?

Drag and drop or import your data, and AnyML does the rest.

Can I export predictions?

Not yet, but we’re working on making this possible soon!

What types of models can I make on AnyML?

  • Binary/Multi-Class Classification
  • Regression
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Segmentation/ Clasterization
  • Ranking
  • Time Series
  • Recommendation Engine

Can I add collaborators to work on a project together?

Yes, sure, you can share your Experiments with team mates.

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