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The tech landscape is changing rapidly.

A change that’s largely due to the rise of the no-code movement.

If you’re not familiar with the no-code movement, chances are you haven’t been faced with the challenge of building a website from scratch, developing an app with a small budget, or bringing a big tech idea to fruition with no tech skills or background. That is because no-code significantly saves both time and money—something very valuable to companies, whether you are a start-up or a big corporation.

With the no-code movement, you no longer have to rely on developers and engineers to build your website, app, or tech project. No-Code/Low Code tools and platforms now allow individuals without a technical background or skills to create tech products and solutions for various types of projects.

Luckily, if you’re not yet very familiar with the No-Code movement, there are lots of great podcasts you can listen to, on a drive, at the gym, or while you out for a walk to learn and stay up to date with the latest platforms, tools, and news.

Read on to see our list of the top 5 No-code/ Low code podcasts to help you better understand and learn how you can start using low/ no-code coding to improve and grow your company.

1. Indie Hackers by Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers by Courtland Allen is on top of this list for a reason. This is one of the few podcasts that really focus on the everyday entrepreneur or person looking to learn more about using no-code. So, whether you’re working 9-5 and building on the side or currently running a business that you are looking to scale with no-code software, you’ll be sure to learn something valuable listen to Indie Hackers.

The podcast is very conversational, and Courtland Allen and guests usually do a great job of taking you through the journey of how they started their online businesses while sharing great insights along the way. And, with over 203 episodes, you’ll have plenty of episodes to choose from.

2. The Makerpad Podcasts

The Makerpad Podcasts is one of the best no-code podcasts out there. What makes it one of the best is not only all the great insight you learn from listening but the amazing community they’ve built around the podcast. According to its website, Makerpad is “the largest community of people building automation and software without writing code.”  In the community, you can ask questions, get help and share what you’ve built with others.

The Makerpad Podcast is hosted by Ben Tossell, who uses the platform to educate, give detailed reviews, how-tos, and much more. Each episode lasts for 30 to 60 minutes, and episodes usually feature an in-depth conversation with a guest who is either a founder of a no-code tool or a professional who is well versed in the no-code industry.

3. No Code Podcast by Alex Karpinsky

The No-Code Podcast a one-man show hosted by Alex Karpinsky. In the podcast, Karpinsky explores the no-code eco-system highlighting the “builders, companies, and people behind the no-code revolution”. Listening to the podcast can help you find answers to questions like “How can my start-up benefit from using No Code?” Or “How fast can I beta test no-code tools for my company?”

With the podcast aimed at covering most of the basics of the current revolution, overall, it’s a great podcast that can pretty much answer most of your questions about no code in a given episode.

Alex Karpinsky who’s is an expert on all things no-code also alone provides much credibility to the value of the podcast. While it has only 7 episodes, with guests like Ben Tossell, the CEO of Makerpad, it’s sure to continue providing learning for anyone interested in becoming a part of the no-code revolution.

Check out more here.

4. No Code No Problem by Ryan Myher

No Code, No Problem is a no-code podcast that provides non-technical founders with insights, events, and a community. The podcast usually covers bigger picture topics like “How no-code tools are changing the tech world.” Making it great for people who are totally new to the no-code industry and just looking for a basic understanding.

So, although you may not find any actionable content in this 6-minute podcast, you can definitely find inspiring stories of leaders in the no-code movement. It covers the thoughts of the creators of highly successful websites and apps that were built using no-code tools.

Most importantly, the host Ryan Myher provides valuable input from his experience as Head of Community at V/One.

5. No-Code Wealth by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan

No-Code Wealth is a unique no-code podcast for beginners hosted by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan. This podcast primarily focuses on making money from using no-code tools, and the mindset founders need to cultivate. It also provides valuable marketing insights.

It’s a great resource for those with a non-technical background who want to make money with no code development or no-code solutions.

Although this podcast for no-code development is rather new as it was created in January 2021, it’s still packed with extremely useful information to no-code newcomers. This podcast is more in-depth than others, as guests such as Bubble, Lloyd, and Indiestack, provide you with a look into their journey. Guests on the podcast always leave listeners with actionable advice.

With 128 episodes, you can expect a lot of varied information in this podcast. Yet, in just a little under an hour, you can gain insights that would possibly take you years to learn on your own. This podcast also happens to be updated daily and is perfect for those who are really serious and commented to utilizing no-code tools or AutoML to grow their brand and business.


Whether you’re a start-up looking to test and iterate, a non-technical founder trying to increase your and your team’s productivity, or a citizen developer looking to build a new app or website, no code podcasts are perfect to help you get started learning. And learning AutoML, no-code development, no-code platforms, and various no-code provide a great alternative to your technical business challenges.

Although no-code tools can certainly help you develop solutions to various issues for your business, as with most things, there could be a learning curve. But, working with experts in the field like can help move things along faster.

The no-code revolution is about helping and empowering non-technical companies and founders to build things themselves, which is faster and more cost-effective. And, once you’ve built a basic understanding of no-code development, you’ll be on your way. The podcast mentioned in this blog can certainly help you, but it won’t help you build a plan and strategy. Which is why seeking help to get you started is a great move for you and your company.

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