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Have you ever wondered how Netflix always suggests the perfect films for your tastes? Or how Tesla can create self-driving cars? Artificial Intelligence is behind much of the innovative technology we see today.

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of any innovative company’s tech strategy. From website chatbots to Apple’s Siri, AI appears everywhere you turn!

Experts predict that the AI market value will climb to about $190 billion in the next few years. This assures us of a few things:

  • Tech companies must continue adopting AI to stay relevant and competitive in their fields.
  • Individuals with science and tech backgrounds, like engineers and web developers, will continue to have a plethora of AI job opportunities to choose from.
  • All individuals, including non-tech individuals, will continue seeing AI in their day-to-day life, whether it’s in their use of electronics, the internet, home security and sound systems, or other technologies.

Are you interested in learning all about AI? You have many online courses, university degree programs, and training to choose from.

But if you want a more casual, fun approach — consider listening to a podcast instead!

Here are 5 of the top AI podcasts that everyone should make time to listen to in 2021!

This podcast’s content is true to its name —  it discusses everything about machine learning. What we love about Talking Machines is that anyone can listen to it regardless of their background. The conversation style is clear and accessible, and you can learn about the latest news in machine learning. The two hosts tend to discuss topics with a featured guest, all of whom have impressive credentials and insight into the world of machine learning.

Founded: 2015


  • Neil Lawrence, Director of Machine Learning at Amazon Research Cambridge
  • Katherine Gorman, Founder of Talking Machines and Industry Expert

Latest Episodes:

  • Gods and Robots
  • Humans in the Loop and Outside of the Classroom
  • Responsibilities, Risks, and Publishing

If you’re interested in the philosophy behind AI and its social ramifications, this is the podcast for you. Concerning AI doesn’t go too deep into the techy ins and outs of AI technology. Instead, it dives into what AI means for us as human beings, often questioning whether its utility outweighs its negative effects. The podcast often features industry experts as guests, such as Julia Hu, founder of Lark.

Founded: 2015


  • Brandon Sanders
  • Ted Saravata

Latest Episodes:

  • We Don’t Get to Choose
  • Will Bias Get Us First?
  • The AI We Have is Not the AI We Want

Data Skeptic checks off a few boxes for us. First, it’s short, between 10-15 minutes per episode which is great for those of us with little time or small attention spans! Second, it offers an accessible conversation to AI for those of us without tech backgrounds. Data Skeptic has multiple podcast series, offering content about artificial intelligence, natural language processing, interpretability, fake news, and more.

Founded: 2014


  • Kyle Polich, Founder of Data Skeptic and AI Technology Advisor

Latest Episodes:

  • Forecasting in Supply Chain
  • Black Friday (how AI is behind much of retailers’ business strategies for this wild shopping day)
  • Aligning Time Series on Incomparable Spaces

SuperDataScience offers many courses and learning paths to support people who would like education in AI. They also offer a free podcast that covers various topics in AI, like programming, data automation, analytics, natural language processing.

Founded: 2017


  • John Krohn, Chief Data Scientist,

Latest Episodes:

  • Automating Data Analytics
  • Hurdling Over Data Career Obstacles
  • Open-Source Analytical Computing

This AI podcast is a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. AI in Business features Emerg CEO Daniel Faggella interviewing top AI CEOs and executives of small startups to big corporations. He discusses trends and best practices for using AI in business. You can look through podcast episodes dedicated to various industries, like government, healthcare, natural resources, and more.

Founded: 2013


  • Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerg Artificial Intelligence Research

Latest Episodes:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Additive Manufacturing
  • Turning Data Strategy into AI ROI

Final Thoughts

Many of the AI podcast founders on this list are passionate about making AI accessible to everyone, not just experts and tech professionals. Podcasts show us that learning about AI can be as easy as listening to an episode on your way to work!