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AnyML is puts easy predictive analytics at your teams finger tips. Optimise your business like never before!

The quickest Machine Learning
for the quickest business improvements.

Next Best Offer

Identify the right product or service to offer to existing customers based on past purchasing behavior. Increase customer satisfaction, LTV, and ROI.


Automatically analyze customer demographic, geographic, and behavioral data. Identify the most valuable segments, and tailor marketing and sales outreach to those most likely to convert.

Customer Churn

Analyze historical customer patterns to predict defection, and offer loyalty incentives to retain at-risk customers. Increase customer LTV, scale faster, and increase revenue.

Click-Through Rate

Predict ad efficacy and determine the highest converting campaigns. Develop a model to analyze and choose ads that are most likely to convert.

Marketing Attribution

Identify what marketing activities drive the highest conversions. Fine-tune campaigns, and double down on the right activities.

Patient Care

Personalize patient care using past medical records. Determine patient risk, best treatment options, and intervention strategies.

Vendor Marketing

Predict most effective marketing campaigns to drive renewals, reduce patient turnover, and manage your efficiency.

Patient Health

Accurately stratify population risk, understand length of stay, and risk of facility-acquired conditions to proactively manage outcomes.

Lower Costs

Optimize revenue flow, maximize resource utilization, reduce waste, and manage fraudulent claims and transactions.

Provider Support

Predict and manage staffing needs, prioritize patient needs, and orchestrate provider experience to reduce stress and burnout.

Encourage Collaboration

Automate processes, centralize data, customize reporting, enhance transparency, and reduce complexity between department communications.

Readmission Reduction

Improve care and transition strategies by identifying when a patient presents risk factors that indicate a higher likelihood of readmission.

No show Prediction

Reduce revenue loss, improve patient satisfaction, and proactively offer open appointment slots by identifying patients who are likely to skip appointments without prior notice.

Drug Abuse

Use past medical records and risk factors to identify which patients are likely to suffer from drug abuse, and select proper care for them.

Network Management

Real time analysis of common networking problems and anomaly detection.

RAN Update Optimization

Upgrade planning, congestion area recognition, and tune network parameters based on model insight.

Energy Management Savings

Optimize energy utilization across entire infrastructure and reduce CapEx.

Capacity Planning

Forecast network growth and investment locations to prevent unnecessary spending.

Advertising Placement

Use demographics to target the correct audience at the right time.

Call Center Optimization

Use internal and customer data to generate actionable insights, improve efficiency, reduce call and wait times, increase conversion rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

Fraud Detection

Detect, flag, and block fraudulent transactions and claims. Deploy a detection model in minutes using past fraudulent behavior data.

Credit Default

Predict a customer’s likelihood of defaulting on their credit card based on their credit history and behavior.

Wealth Management

Deploy Robo-advisors to predict ROI on investments based on risk tolerance and portfolio profile.

Production Efficiency

Analyze production and determine most impactful variables on the manufacturing process. Drive efficiency and predict potential failures for upstream solutions.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict and automate presumptive maintenance on machinery to prevent mechanical failure and ensure uninterrupted production.

Route Optimization

Decrease shipping time and costs by analyzing various route options to optimize fuel efficiency and travel time.

Ticket price (Price Optimization)

Use historical data such as past ticket prices, team schedules, and weather forecast to set the optimal ticket price for each event. Increase attendance to maximize profit.

Ticket sales

Identify and understand which season ticket holders are least likely to renew. Create strategies to retain current ticket holders and reduce new customer acquisition costs.

Player performance

Project players performance throughout the season by using medical records, past performance, strengths and weaknesses, and real-time performance data.

Strategy optimization

Use player and team performance data to identify the most effective strategies to help win games and increase fan satisfaction and attendance.

Injury prevention

Having an injured player reduces team performance and customer satisfaction, resulting in lower ticket sales. Accurately evaluate the likelihood of injury based on strengths and weaknesses, and previous medical history.

Student Retention

Identify students at risk of dropping out through admissions factors, area of study, and GPA/semester grades. Make additional efforts to retain students with high risk factors.

Student Enrollment/Admissions

Use factors such as website data, demographics, geographic location, average test scores, and extracurricular activities to optimize outreach efforts to prospective students.

Natural Resource Location

Predict which locations will produce the most resources at the lowest possible cost.

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